A Food Processor Is Not A Blender

Food Processor Or A Blender

A food processor is not a blender, although it does blend ingredients. A blender is not a food processor, although it can process foods.  As kitchen countertop appliances have become more imaginative, the various types of food processors and blenders have evolved as well.

Hamilton Beach Food Processor

A few years ago, the main distinction between the two main types of kitchen appliances was function. Although these appliances appear and perform similarly, they really differ in function. The different function means that it is a good idea to research each one before you purchase. The biggest main difference between them is their primary tasks: Food processors are made to perform a plethora of different food preparation jobs and blenders are made to liquefy and blend (again, in other words, mix) dry and wet ingredients. It is important to be aware of which type of what is a food processor will best suit your needs so that you don’t end up with something you don’t really need or something that just won’t work well for you.

Blenders Are Great For Blending And Mixing

Blenders, as their name implies, are used to make “blend” foods rather than pureeing them. These appliances consist of a rotating blade that can be used to “pulverize” (i.e., puree) soups, meats, sauces, and any dry ingredient you would like. Unlike food processors, which require you to chop up the ingredients separately, blenders will chop everything together and distribute it throughout the contents of the blender.  The blades of most blenders also vary in size, so you may need to get a smaller or larger one to handle a particular job.

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If you simply want to make smoothies, you’ll probably be better off with a handheld blender because it allows you to turn on the motor without needing to move the blender to turn the blades. For tough, stiff, or large amounts of blending, however, you may find that using a larger, more powerful blender is more beneficial. Either way, keep these three kitchen appliance tips in mind and you should have no problem mixing and making smoothies in no time at all! Happy blending!


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