Making The Perfect Milkshake

Making The Perfect Milkshake

Americans love their milkshakes. It is estimated that over 5 billion milkshakes and malts were sold in 2019 from various ice cream parlors, and that doesn’t include the billions made at home.  A milkshake can be the perfect addition to a meal, a well deserved treat or a delicious dessert.  The only restriction on milkshakes is your imagination, they are easy to make and require only a few ingredients.

Step One:  Use A Blender

Use A Blender To Make Milkshakes

When we were kids, we would make milkshakes in a bowl.  Ice cream, milk and flavoring went into the bowl and we mushed it all up with a big spoon.  We probably thought it was fun, but it it was more work than necessary.  Blenders are the perfect tools to make milkshakes in.  The mixing jar is usually large enough to make a couple of milkshakes at one time and the blades make sure that everything gets mixed really well.  Food processors don’t work quite as well as blenders, they aren’t designed to move ingredients up and down the bowl.  A hand blender also works well unless the ice cream is really hard.

Step Two: Good Ingredients

Like any food that you prepare, good ingredients mean good results.  A milkshake has three ingredients-ice cream, milk and flavoring.  A malt has four ingredients-the three milkshake ingredients and malted milk powder.  What you use for the ingredients will determine how your milkshake turns out.  If you are looking for a low cal, low fat treat, you may want to try something other for a treat.  You can use low cal or low fat ingredients, but you probably won’t end up with a thick, creamy milkshake.

Start with good ice cream.  You can use ice milk, but it will probably become water.  You can use sherbet, but you will have the same water issue.  There are frozen products made with rice milk or soy milk, but we aren’t going to discuss those right now.  You want to use an ice cream that is real ice cream.  The fat will act as a stabilizer and will give the milkshake its creamy taste and texture.

How To Make The Perfect Milkshake

Next, it’s time to add the milk.  Whole milk is best, 2% will work and 1% is acceptable.  Skim milk can be used but it is very thin and you won’t want to add too much.  Other plant based milks can be used, but they also tend to be very thin and should be used sparingly.  For a really decadent, but wonderfully rich, taste you can use half an half.

Step Three:  Add Some Fun Flavorings

Now for the flavoring.  There is no limit to what you can add to your milkshake.  You can make it a malted milk by adding malted milk powder.  This powder is a roasted powder made from malted barley and evaporated milk.  It will give your shake (now a malt) a richer texture.  You can add fruits, candies or syrups to give your shake flavor.  While you will never confuse a milkshake for health food, you can add some fruits and get the nutritional value of the fruit.

Mixing the malt is easy.  Add the ice cream, then the milk and finally the flavoring to the blender’s mixing jar.  Pulse until everything has blended together.  If the mixture seems too thick, add a bit more milk.  If it is too thin, add a dollop of ice cream to thicken it.  Two neat tricks to keep in mind when making a malt will help keep your malt thick.  One trick is to put the blender’s mixing jar in the refrigerator for a while.  A cold jar will keep the ingredients from getting too warm.  The other trick is to put your flavorings in the refrigerator before mixing.  Again, cold ingredients will keep the ice cream from melting.



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