Using A Blender

Using A Kitchen Blender

Blenders are a kitchen staple that everyone has owned at one time or another. Whether you’re a little more serious or aren’t so into the power of this convenient appliance, here are few guidelines on how to use, store and maintain your kitchen blender. A blender is one of the earliest countertop appliances, proudly showcased in first humble apartment kitchens across America. And for many of us who grew up in the 20th century, having a blender is an absolute must for the kitchen.

Blenders Can Perform A Lot Of Kitchen Chores

As far as the actual use of a blender goes, there are two ways to use it: blending and pureeing. Blenders can be used to puree all sorts of food, not just ice cream. You can puree potatoes, meat, cheeses, soup, sauces, soups and other pureed foods. These can be used to make everything from ice cream to potato salad, spaghetti, omelets, chicken nuggets, stir fries, and just about anything else you can think of. The reason that blender drinks can be so versatile is due to their speed, smooth movement, and solid state filters that keep them from clogging up.

If you want to try your hand at blending or if you have never blended your own food before, try blending a small amount of food at a time. Stop the blender, turn it upside down and give it a few seconds to clear out the air. If it still clumps up in that position, gently turn it upside down and give it another few seconds.

Oster Blender

For the biggest and most powerful blending operation, you should invest in a heavy duty blender with a motor that can handle the sheer mass of crushed food. The motor should also have several speed settings, so that you can adjust it to your needs. Also, be sure to select a high quality blade with a long handle. Long handles are much easier to use than short ones, which can get caught up in the blades and cause injuries. Also make sure the motor is replaceable so you do not have to worry about washing it out every couple of weeks.

Make Sure The Glass Mixing Bowl Is Solid

The glass on the blender is very important. It should be clear and you should be able to see all of the contents through it. If you purchase an older blender, the interior may have been painted over with a silver-colored paint. In order to restore the original color, you should remove the painted areas and give the blender a thorough cleaning. Blenders without glass are especially vulnerable to scratches, so look for models that have been refinished.


One of the keys to enjoying your blender is ensuring that you keep it clean. It is very easy to cut yourself when you are blending and can easily get cut from the edges. It is also easy to burn yourself if you happen to drop the container with the food too quickly. The best way to ensure you always have a clean blender is to place it in the dishwasher after using. This will ensure it will be safe for use next time.


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